“Touchless” kitchen Appliance

Friday Feb 04th, 2022


Today's emphasis on "not touching things" will likely not disappear once this particular health concern is done. "Touchless" reduces the spread of germs, and having hands-free appliances, especially in the kitchen is also a huge convenience. 


  • A trash can with a lid that flips up when you approach


  • A dispenser that delivers soap with the wave of a hand


  • A motion sensor kitchen faucet, or voice activated faucet that delivers a measured amount of water as requested


Voice commanded appliances are moving further into the kitchen. Smart assistants are now connected to microwave ovens, dishwashers, and stoves, as companies like GE introduce new ways to reduce the need to touch surfaces. 

Check out www.geappliances.com then search: WiFi, to see more about touchless GE appliances. And see the voice activated faucet at moen.ca

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