It is an honour to be delegated as the executor of a will, as it means that you are respected, reliable and trusted. However, it is also a considerable responsibility and a lot of people question how does an executor sell a house? I have assisted and helped many people through the estate sale process.

Steps to Selling a Home as an Executor: 

1: Grant of Probate

Probate is the process which validates the deceased’s will in court. How long does grant of probate take? It may take up to six months, depending on the complexity of the will. You will be issued a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee from the court which allows you to manage the deceased’s finances and the sale of the property.

2. Listing the Home for Sale

You may need to list your home for sale before probate is granted. This is perfectly legal, however, you will not be able to transfer the title until probate is attained.

3. Personal Items Disposition

From organizing and packing of belongings to transferring heirlooms and profitable compensation for items sold or donated, the process of dealing with personal items can be lengthy and confusing. I have built relationships with a dedicated group of professionals to help you in this process whether you require estate auction services, movers or other services.

4. Preparing the Property for Sale

Home cleaning, renovations, or home staging may be required before the property can be sold. I can provide you with realistic advice as to what value-based modifications would be most beneficial. In addition, I have many trusted associates who are at the top of their fields whom I can recommend for these services.


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