"Sprucing Up" To do and Don't Do WHEN SELLING

Thursday Oct 07th, 2021


Spending money on renovations or fix-ups is a good way to "freshen-up" before a home goes on the market.

But remember, some renovations don't help or put money back into your pocket. 


1. Don't replace expensive window coverings

Do something simple, neutral drapes or blinds that expand the space. 

2. Don't install customized garage organizers

Just give it a good clean and get rid of all junk. 

3. Don't invest in high-end kitchen applianances

Go for functional, as being new is just as important. 

4. Don't get expensive new carpeting 

If the carpet is worn and dated, choose a modern quality carpet  that will give the home a clean

look and well cared for home look. Other option if the carpet is in good shape, is to have it professional cleaned. 

5. Do add a fresh coat or paint

Avoid using the latest hottest paint colours, go for neutral colours. 

6. "Do's" in the bathroom

Upgrade floor tiles, install new faucets, update light fixture, recaulk around the tub, and replace the shower curtain and floor rugs. 



Contact me for tips on trends and ways to get your highest pay backs when thinking to sell your home. 


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