Ideas to Decorate your Home Office

Wednesday Mar 03rd, 2021


Home offices are big news since so many of us are now permanently working from home. One thing I have learned through my years of experience is that you have to nest or make a space your own in order for it to work for you. Whether it is your kitchen table, a dedicated home office, or somewhere else in your home, here are some home office decorating ideas:


Create an Accent wall: 

If you have a small space like a loft or an attic to work in, consider adding an eye-catching design to your wall to identify your workspace and make it feel inviting. 

Add Green: 

Adding plants might be the missing nature link needed to improve productivity and satisfaction on the job. Office plants can increase the humidity around a desk, remove toxins from the air, and add a touch of style to your workplace. Some great plants to add in your office are Snake plants, African Violet, English Ivy and Lucky Bamboo. 

Accent Lamp: 

Keep It Indirect. Avoid working under the direct glare of overhead lights. Instead, look for ways to diffuse the ambient light that will illuminate your office space. Lampshades soften and scatter otherwise harsh light, while an upward-shining floor lamp bounces the light off walls and ceilings. 

Use a Comfortable Chair:

Adding an ergonomic office chair can drastically improve your posture, reduce back pain and ultimately improve productivity. Your comfort in the office is enhanced when you use an ergonomic chair. 

Room with a View:

I understand that it may not always be possible, but do your best to position your new home office near a window or a room with a window.  Not only does it make the room feel bigger, having a window helps boost energy levels and overall levels of happiness! 

Decorating your space with inspiring images: 

Decorate with images that speak to you! Fill your office with with vibrant art to energize your space and make you feel motivated! You can also print off home office art through websites such as Chairish, Society6 and Etsy. 


I hope you got some tips/decorating ideas on how to build a beautiful and functional home office!  






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