How to prepare your home when your selling in the spring

Thursday Feb 18th, 2021


Spring is the busiest time of the year for the real estate market. Many people think there are only a few things they need to do to prepare their house for sale – but did you know there are plenty of things you can do now? Here is a quick three-month timeline that will help you if you are preparing to sell your home in the spring.

You can start this today: 

Contact a Realtor

Real estate agents are professionals.  A great real estate agent will not only ensure your property is priced right, they’ll also be your guide through every step of the process in the weeks and months leading up to listing, during the time your home is listed, the closing of your property sale and beyond.

Make a Plan

Once you have found your real estate partner you two can sit down together and create a plan of all the things you need to do in preparing to sell your home in the spring. Break this plan into bite-sized chunks so they feel easily obtainable given your schedule.

Start Packing

You could start doing this 1-3 months prior that way your home is clutter free or you won't have to cram that last few weeks before moving. Pack unused items that you plan to keep. Label each box's contents and store the boxes in a safe but out of the way location where they won't interfere with showings. Donate unneeded items to charity or have a garage sale to get rid of them.

You can do this 1 month before

Minor repairs

Minimum improvements to consider making before selling your home include patching holes and cracks in the walls and ceilings, and fixing broken appliances and HVAC systems. Repair leaky faucets. Replace broken window glass and repair the roof if necessary. Change any dated light fixtures or ceiling fans. Give your home a fresh coat of paint. It is also important to work on the front and back yards if you have them as most of the snow will have melted and you will want to work on planting flowers and other bright signs of spring.

Deep clean 

You will want to do this 2 weeks prior to listing your home. You could either hire a professional or have you and your family do this. You should deep clean like never before, this will help you sell your home a lot faster. 


Preparing your home for sale is not difficult when you follow these guidelines I have provided. If your looking for additional tips on how to prepare your home for sale in the spring, please feel free to contact me and I would be more than happier to be your realtor!!




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